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22 Oct Beer

Brewery ShinDigger sees massive boost to home deliveries with chatbot service

Manchester-based ShinDigger using HelloDone AI systems to improve home delivery service

2 Oct Beer

Lucky Saint 0.5% lager on draught nationwide with City Pub Co and others

Lucky Saint 0.5% ABV lager goes on draught nationwide

2 Oct Spirits

Dictador unveils limited-edition 2 Masters Royal Tokaji release

Dictador combines traditions of Colombian rum and Hungarian wine

New Product


1 Oct Mixology

Double Dutch Drinks launches Cocktail Soda range

Double Dutch Cocktail Sodas launch with Bloody Mary and Cucumber Margarita

30 Sep Mixology

New Fritz-kola bottle design from Ardagh Group

New Fritz-kola bottle design from Ardagh Group

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